What is Mindfulness?

It is present moment awareness bringing our attention to what is happening NOW.

Mindfulness has many benefits including:
Improved relationships
Come along and learn how to manage yourself and in turn others

Better Concentration
Learn to be present in the here and now

Clearer Thinking
Mindfull? Join us and get some clarity of mind

Greater calm
Let your breath become your friend

More happiness
Let this day be a present to yourself

Strategies to enhance wellbeing
Top tips for living a mindful life

About Us

We have both been practising Mindfulness for several years. We currently teach Mindfulness to adults and children.

We maintain a personal meditation practice, attend retreats, workshops, training sessions and masterclasses.

We also receive regular ongoing mentoring for our own personal development together with separate supervision of our teaching.

Having trained as a Reiki Master 10 years ago, I have always had a keen interest in Holistic Health. Since discovering Mindfulness I can honestly say that I am far happier and calmer and wish that I had discovered this gift twenty years ago.

Mindfulness has changed my life. It has among other things enabled me to find a way to manage chronic pain. Ironically had I not had a bad accident I might never have discovered Mindfulness.

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